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Research and Development
    for managing company

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Founded: 1990, IČO: 10156411


q     Projects, Calculations, Consultancy, Project couching, Targeted Training in the area of the Company Management and Economics 
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Major Topics:

ü   Controlling Approach to the company management 

ü   Activity Based Management Application using Methodology of Activity Sets for Product Sets (AS/PS) 

ü   Cost Analyses and Cost Control, incl. Target Costing 

ü   Budgeting, incl. Project Budgeting 

ü   Product Costing 

ü   Management Accounting Method Application 

ü   Internal Company's Accounting 

ü   Balanced Scorecard Application 


q     Lectures on Prestigious and International Conferences  
List of papers on selected conferences since 1996


q     Other Public Lectures and Targeted Lectures on Company Order  
List of selected papers since 1996


q     Chairmanships on Conferences 
List since 1996


q     Lectures at MBA 
More about MBA education activities


q     Other Publications (excluding University Publications) 
List of publications since 1996


q     Responsibility for Examination of Accountants in Management Accounting in the Program of Accountants Certification of the Institute of Czech Accountants Association in Collaboration with ACCA, 
Cooperation since 1998, Examination Responsibility since 19991998


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