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Doctorate Studies


Ø   Responsibility and Lectures on the Topics


q     Theory of controlling

q     Balance Theory

q     Integration in Enterprise Information System


Ø   Leading of Internal Doctorate Students


q     Ing. Václav Hrach (since s.y. 1997/98, PhD. 2001)

q     Ing. Milan Maxa (since s.y. 1999/00)

q     Ing. Jan Hušek (since 2/1999)

q     Ing. Tomáš Macák (since 2/2003)

q     Ing. Martin Plachý (since 2/2003)

q     Ing. Ondřej Šmíd (since 2/2003)




Ø Leading of Appreciated Doctorate Works


q     Ing. Václav Hrach


ü   Conference of CTU, 14.4.1998: : General Conception of Practical Design of Integrated Business Information System (basic experiences)     /2. place/ 

ü   Conference of CTU, 18.4.2000: : Conceptual Framework of Customer Oriented Cost Accounting System    /2. place/



q     Ing. Milan Maxa    


ü   Conference of CTU, 18.4.2000: "Risks Accounting by Costs, Prices and Volume Changes of the Production"   /3. place/ 



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