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Doc. Ing. Martin Zralý, CSc.          Born: 1948, Prague

q       Education and appointment:   

§      1966-71  Ing.:  Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering                       (FME), Department of Management and Economics (Dept. M&E]

§      1987       Dissertation in area:  Theory of Management and Planning, CTU in Prague

§      2001       Reader in area:  Enterprise Management and Economics


q       Employment and professional activities:


§      1971-1973: Research fellow, Institute of Technical and Economical Services TES Prague, area: Quality Control


§      1974-1990: Project and research fellow, Institute of Automation and Management in Industry - INORGA Prague. Project, development and research activities in the area of Enterprise Management System, particularly: Database Design, Database Modelling, Metainformation Systems, MIS Projects


§      1982-1991: External lectures at the dept. of Economics and Management at the Faculty of Electrotechnical Engineering at CTU in Prague on "Systems of Economical Information" in normal and in distance study programmes


§      Since 1990: Has been managing his own project and consultancy firm MARTIS. With his colleagues has been enjoying the pleasure to work in the area of enterprise management and economics for many greater as well as smaller companies.


§      Since 1991:     Assistant professor (since 2001 Reader) at the Institute of Management and Economics of the FME CTU in Prague. Areas: Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting and Budgeting, Financial Management, Controlling, Enterprise Economics


§      1992 Four months research stay at the Danish Technical University in Lyngby, Dept.: Economics and Management


§      1993 Three months research stay at the London School of Economics, Dept. Accounting and Finance


§      In the academic year 1993/94 lectures also at the Faculty of Transportation, CTU in Prague: Microeconomics and Management Accounting


§      Since 1994 a member of the academic staff of the Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies, CTU in Prague, for MBA study (together with Sheffield Business School - Sheffield Hallam University). Lectures on Financial Management and Management Accounting and supervisor of dissertations.


§      1994-2001  Lectures on Financial Management and Investment Decision Making at the European Business School in Prague.


§      Since the beginning of the activities of the Institute for International Research Wien in CR (1996) chairman and major lectures given on the conferences on the topic Cost Control and Controlling (6/96, 2/97, 11/97, 3/98, 4/98, 6/98, 11/98, 1/99, 4/99, 12/99, 1/2000, 10/2000, 4/2001, 9/2001, 4/2002, 9/2002)


§      Since 1998 is engaged as an examinator of the prestigious Certificate of the Association of Accountants for the area of Management Accounting (provided together with ACCA)


§      In the nineties lectures at many other external national and international conferences and seminars on the topic of Enterprise Management, Controlling, Management and Cost Accounting. Since 1996: 13 lectures at international conferences, 93 lecture at other conferences and seminars for companies.


§      Guarantee of the doctoral study at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering CTU in Prague in the subjects: Theory of Controlling, Balance Theory (together with Prof. Macík), Integration in Information Systems of Enterprise. A member of the committee for state doctoral exams and justification of the dissertation and the tutor for doctorate studies in area "Enterprise Management and Economics" at the FME CTU in Prague.


§      Publication since 1996:    

Apart from the articles in the Proceedings of conferences and seminars also publications in the following magazines: Kredit, Účetnictví, Strojírenská výroba, Strojař, Moderní řízení

Author of the textbooks: :    

Zralý, M.: Managerial Accounting - Cases CTU Prague, 2002

Co-author of the textbooks::

Macík, K. Zralý, M.: Cost Accounting - Cases, CTU Prague, 1997, rev. 1997

Macík, K., Beran, T., Zralý, M.: Accounting - Cases, CTU Prague, 1999

Macík, K. Zralý, M.: Calculation and budgeting- Cases, CTU Prague, 2002 

Freiberg, F. Zralý, M.: Enterprise Economics, CTU Prague, 2003 


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